Below are my prices for digital figure drawings only. If you are interested in a type of commission not listed here (such as pixel art, traditional art, tattoo designs, logos, flyers, album covers, character sheets, etc.) please contact me directly and we can discuss the project!

I do not do animation commissions anymore, sorry!

Please see the end of this page for my complete commission terms. My general rate is ~$20 USD per hour.


If you'd rather have a simple doodle or sketch for under $20, check out my Ko-fi! If you want to support my work in general and see behind the scenes sketches, drawings, early access comic pages, and animations, check out my Patreon!


I look forward to working with you!






Prices are per figure in the drawing.

Transparent or simple/abstract backgrounds are free!


- Payment must be made in full through PayPal or Venmo (or cash if done in person) before I start your commission. (You don't have to use the PayPal buttons above - they are just for convenience!) For high-budget or long-form commissions, we can discuss a payment plan.
- Figures with complex features (such as long hair, wings, many accessories, ornate outfits, etc.) will cost an extra $5-$30 depending on complexity.
- My drawing canvas is typically widescreen HD (16:9, or roughly 1920 x 1080), but if there is a specific size you would like the drawing to be, please let me know! This may affect the price.
- I will send you a preview of the initial sketch for approval, at which point I can make any needed corrections or minor changes. Large changes, or ones made after I've begun rendering, will cost extra.
- I will only send WIPs (besides the initial sketch) upon request.
- Turnaround time depends on the current size of my queue and the complexity of your commission, but on average it is about 1 - 4 weeks, or up to a few months if I am busy or have a full queue.
- MY COMMISSIONS ARE FOR PERSONAL/NONPROFIT USE ONLY. You are welcome to do anything you like with your commission, including reposting, as long as I am credited - but if you wish to use the drawing commercially, please let me know beforehand and we can discuss the project.
- If you copy, plagiarize, or use any of my drawings for profit without my consent, I will take legal action.

- I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY COMMISSION FOR ANY REASON, WITH OR WITHOUT EXPLANATION. If you push my boundaries, act rude, avoid payment, ignore my terms, are uncommunicative, or otherwise make me uncomfortable in any way, I will refuse/cancel the commission and you may be blacklisted.


- any species
- original characters
- fan characters
- pets/real animals
- mild blood/violence
- suggestive themes


- explicit sexual themes/nsfw/*nudity
- fetishes
- abusive/hateful content
- * fanart (characters from shows, games, etc.)
- *real people
- complex/realistic/environmental backgrounds

*I may make exceptions, so feel free to ask, but I'm very picky! Commissions depicting nudity will be 2x the initial price IF accepted.
These are too time-consuming for my current schedule. Sorry!