I am still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction on the 25th, so progress may be slow, but I am back to working on commissions. Thank you again for your patience!

Currently working on:

  1. CupidKirin stinger animation - sketching...

  2. Sherly flat half body - lining...

Up next:

  1. Coconut_Steve shaded YCH (+alt) - sketched

  2. Connor flat YCH - sketched

  3. Connor flat YCH - sketched

  4. Connor shaded YCH (+alt) - sketched

  5. Connor chibi YCH - sketched

  6. Connor shaded YCH - sketched

  7. Connor flat YCH - sketched



  1. Caliban85 shaded YCH

  2. Caliban85 shaded YCH

  3. Caliban85 shaded YCH

If for any reason you don't wish for your name or commission details to be listed here, please let me know and I will gladly anonymize them! Also let me know if I made any mistakes in the listing or forgot to list you.


Commissions are listed and (with some exceptions) worked on in the order which they were paid. I also generally work on them one at a time.
My usual turnaround time is about 3 - 14 days, but if my queue is long or your commission is complex it can take up to 3 months. Please note the announcements section at the top of this page for possible causes of delay, and see my terms on the PRICES page for more detailed information on my process!